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Mean So Much to Me! 

Since she opened her practice in 2000, Dr Rebman has accumulated hundreds of testimonials from satisfied patients.

Dr Rebman:

“There is something important to me, and that is to constantly get in touch with my patients.

“Testimonials tell me so much about the quality of my service and the things that I need to improve on or keep on reinforcing.

“Communication solves so many questions and concerns that you may have so this is always on the top of my list: to stay in touch and help you solve your health issues so you can go back and enjoy life!”

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Meet Your Doctor

Victoria Rebman – Doctor of Chiropractic and Master Clinician

 Dr. Victoria Rebman has been relieving people from pain with chiropractic care since her clinic, Tallgrass Chiropractic, opened in Overland Park, KS in September of 2000. Dr. Rebman focuses on the natural way of healing and believes that the best medicine is the natural process of the body healing itself. Dr. Rebman has a strong commitment to proactive and holistic health care.


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